Important Celebrations

From the First Communion to the CCB Festival, many celebrations have become traditions throughout the years. In this section we take a dive into the past to visit some of those moments. You might be surprised to know that Santa has walked the Early Childhood hallways for quite some time now! In the photograph you […]

Sports & Clubs

Did you know that at one point in our history we played cricket, had a rowing team, and our scouts roster was in the hundreds? And many clubs as well! From debate clubs to photography clubs. It’s a huge part of what we are. A healthy competitive spirit and sportsmanship always go hand in glove […]


Our love for the arts has been with us since the beginning. Arts in all its forms. Music. Theatre. Painting. Singing. Dancing. You name it! Take for instance our musicals, which have been expressions of passion and talent for decades at CCB. In this picture from 1998, you can see our students during a rehearsal […]


Our second home has changed throughout the years. It sprouted, much like a seed, from a house with 150 students back in 1956. Our School is now a tree that gives shade to over 1200 students. Take a look inside and see some of the key infrastructure developments that prompted our CCB’s growth. 1956 Primera […]

Historic Moments

In the course of its 65 years, CCB has had many historic moments. Back on November 30, 1997, we had a very special visitor come to our campus: Her Royal Highness, Anne, Princess Royal, the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh! She had a walk across […]

School Life

School life photography in CCB’s History of yearbooks has always been about capturing our students living in the moment. Whether it’s inside the classroom or outside of it, these images tell a story about what our vibe has been. Look back at what our students were doing in the School 30 years ago! 1956 – […]


Seniors The first class ever to graduate from CCB had 5 students: Lida Esther Urrea, Lucía Gurisatti, Pietro Filesi, María Consuelo Díaz, Olga Lucía Villegas. They were the Class of 1963 and our first Seniors. Since then, 57 more Senior Classes have graduated from CCB, adding up to almost 3000 alumni that share a Corazón […]


Houses “Canning”.  “Ferguson”. “O’leary”. “Rooke”. These have been the House’s names since the dawn of the School. They run deep in the hearts of CCB alumni and our current students are experiencing an awakening towards this British school tradition that has painted our CCB red, yellow, green and blue for decades. Whether you’re Canning or […]

Our Logo

Our Logo Our logo has many of the characteristics of a traditional Coat of Arms. Basically everything we are in essence is contained visually within that crafted shield. Once you know the meaning behind every element, you will have a deeper understanding of CCB. Of where we come from and what we stand for. Inside […]