Acuerdos esenciales


What are the Essential Agreements?

Essential Agreements is an exercise of collective construction in which the parents of the Colegio Colombo Británico were invited by the Psychology team in order to agree on fundamental aspects of their parental role so that they could contribute to the protection of their children in social and emotional processes. Parents were encouraged by a common interest and concern for the ways in which their children relate to the different experiences in the search of a satisfaction that can put them at risk and that are present throughout their social life at school.

In this site you will have access to all 10 agreements. Let them be a guide to nurture ever stronger bonds between families and the school.  


Essential Agreement # 1

In this agreement, parents understand their duties and responsibilities as role models for their children. It’s of great importance that children understand what their parent’s ethical and moral standards are in order to shape their own.

Essential Agreement # 2

In this agreement, parents commit to the norms set in the School Handbook for it is a framework behaviour guide for all members of the community. 

Essential Agreement #3

This agreement deals with understanding that parties and events our children are invited to should be age appropriate.

Essential Agreements #4

This agreement talks about how parents should not offer or allow underage consumption of liquor, cigarettes or psychoactive substances to minors because offering liquor to minors causes physical and emotional harm is illegal and risks major consequences.

Essential Agreement #5

This agreement is about how parents will provide appropriate supervision of the use of technology, for which they will be an example for their children in the responsible and appropriate use of technology.

Essential Agreement #6

In this agreement, parents commit themselves to instilling in their children respect for others by taking responsibility and showing them that mocking and taking advantage of others is not right under any circumstances.

Essential Agreement #7

In this agreement, parents will contribute positively as members of the CCB community, knowing and promulgating its principles, philosophy, pedagogical model and regulations, for which they will take care of the image and good name of the school.