Corazón Verde

What is Corazón Verde & WHAT WE DO?

CCB Corazón Verde is the environmental program of the school, and it is integrated into the academic activities in classrooms as part of the teaching-learning processes. More than 90 students from primary and secondary sections work in the Corazón Verde environmental club, where they gather to share their knowledge and generate ideas for campaigns and projects to address environmental issues in the Community. Additionally, they aim to educate and prepare younger grades on environmental topics.


CCB Corazón Verde seeks to involve the entire CCB community in the human-environment relationship with the goal of minimizing environmental degradation and generating alternatives that promote eco-friendly attitudes, all while leading by example.

Política Ambiental

The Colegio Colombo Británico has been dedicated to responding to the educational needs of children, young people, and adults for more than half a century, recognizing the importance of protecting and preserving the environment for future generations.

The institution’s priorities include fostering the active participation of the entire educational community in caring for the environment and preventing pollution, with the aim of positioning itself as an exemplary school, committed to environmental management excellence. To achieve this, the institution’s top management has defined and implemented the following principles:

  1. Declare environmental sustainability as a daily practice through the rational use of natural resources.
  2. Provide the best possible training in knowledge, respect, care, and protection of the environment.
  3. Implement good environmental practices to minimize potential negative effects on the environment.
  4. Continuously improve the institution’s environmental performance.
  5. Promote the culture of the 6 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, Refuse, Respect) at each stage of education.
  6. Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.


 The current environmental campaigns aim to raise awareness among the entire CCB community, including students, parents, teachers, and staff, about the importance of individual actions for environmental care. Here are some of the campaigns implemented by the Corazón Verde group in the institution:

  1. Punto Verde (Green Point): Recycling containers are available for different solid and liquid waste campaigns throughout the institution, including in the Secondary, Primary, Early Childhood, Maintenance, and Cafeteria sections.
  2. Tapando el cáncer (Covering Cancer): The goal is to recycle and collect plastic bottle caps generated within and outside the institution, preventing them from reaching the city landfill. These caps are delivered to foundations that support children with cancer and their families.
  3. Alto, ¡si la tiras, contaminas! (Stop, if you throw it away, you contaminate!): The objective is to recycle and collect used batteries at the school and students’ homes, avoiding improper disposal in landfills, which can contaminate the environment.
  4. Bombillas usadas (Used Light Bulbs): The goal is to recycle and collect used light bulbs generated at the school and students’ homes to prevent hazardous waste from contaminating the environment.
  5. Punto Azul (Blue Point): This campaign involves collecting expired medications generated at the school and students’ homes to prevent them from reaching the landfill or being resold. These medications are collected by the institution’s hospital route.
  6. Si se va por la alcantarilla, será una pesadilla (If it goes down the drain, it will be a nightmare): The objective is to recycle and collect used cooking oil generated within and outside the institution. This prevents this highly contaminating waste from being poured into the sewage system and allows it to be used to produce environmentally friendly products.


Other Environmental Campaigns:

  • Recycling
  • Bottles of Love
  • Turn off the faucet and stop waste
  • Ecotidiano (Ecological Daily Routine)
  • What side are you on?
  • Care and maintenance of the water channel
  • With a single click, you can save the planet
  • Change the course of plastic
  • Environmental Calendar
  • Green Shopping

These campaigns and initiatives aim to promote a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainability within the institution and the wider community.


Contact Us

To contact the environmental area, the following e-mail and contact numbers are available. We will be glad to assist you.

Karen Burbano – Environmental Coordinator
e- mail:
555 5374