Primary Section

Up to 76% of the curriculum in Primary is taught in the English language. The use of English is actively encouraged as a means of communication inside and outside the classroom. The Primary Section is made up of bilingual teachers, both foreign and Colombian, two psychologists and two specialists in the area of language, as well as a Head of Section and his Assistant.

The programme

In accordance with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB), the pedagogical work in the section is organized into transdisciplinary research units. Our focus on conceptual pedagogy, aligned with our differentiated instruction and constructivist methodology, allows us to offer children a pleasant and enriching educational experience, taking into account their skills and interests.

The programme focuses on the holistic growth of the developing child, inspiring his heart as well as his mind, covering his social, physical, emotional and cultural needs, as well as taking care of his academic development.

It helps develop critical, analytical, creative and independent thinking in children from an early age.

Our students develop essential skills such as research, effective communication, handling different social contexts and self-control.

We promote teamwork and synergy as crucial abilities for the future.

The programme helps the students discover the world that surrounds them for themselves, and with the teacher’s guidance, the knowledge acquired is solidly rooted. The units of inquiry are designed in significant and interesting ways for the students by promoting the development of skills appropriate for these ages.

We explore transdisciplinary subjects of local and global significance. We work on the acquisition of English as a second language and we strengthen the student’s mother tongue. This process increases in complexity and intensity as children progress through the years. In addition, it supports gross and fine motor skills development, through physical education, swimming, music, visual arts, dance and theater activities.

Furthermore, the programme builds ethical, moral and spiritual values with emphasis being placed on respect for one another, helping children to relate socially and emotionally through playtime, and to develop a positive view of themselves and recognize their needs, strengths and feelings. It also allows each student to develop their potential through differentiated activities within the classroom.