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Catalina Valenzuela is not just the School’s Admissions Director. She’s a CCB Alumni from the Class of 97 and a CCB mom as well. She has insight into what makes this School a great one and is more than happy to share it with you.

Meet the CCB

If you are navigating this website it’s because you’re searching for the best place for your children to grow. You’re seeking an environment that will guide them in their personal and academic journey.

If you are scrolling on this site…You’re in the right place!

The Journey Starts Here!

know more about our admissions process. Here are the steps.

But before we depart on our journey, keep in mind that the established age for admissions is the following:

  • Tiny Cubs – 18 months old
  • Toddlers  – 2 years old
  • Nursery – 3 years old
  • Pre-kinder – 4 years old by August 1st.


Receive general information regarding the School during one of our Open Houses or through a personal appointment with CCB's Admissions Director.


Submit the Application for Admittance, attaching the required documents.
Pay the application fee.



Submit four reference letters of people who support your application for school membership. Parents who come from abroad or from a Colombian city outside of Cali, must provide at least two letters of recommendation from their employers, business ties in Cali and/or from their children’s previous school.


Fill out the Admissions Recommendation Format depending on the section for which you are applying.


Attend a family interview with the Psychology Department of the School. Both parents must attend the interview.


Evaluation of the Admissions Application by the Board of Directors.


Presentation of academic tests required in the different sections.


Depending on availability, the Admissions office will offer the student a spot in the School.


Students who come from abroad, and who are going to enter 4th Grade and above, must present their previous school grade certificate with APOSTILLA (official Stamp), duly authenticated by the Colombian Consulate located in the country in which they were issued. Certificates issued in a language other than Spanish must come with translation by an official translator. On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs you can find a list of official translators. Once in Colombia, they must be presented before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and approved before the Ministry of National Education.


Proceed with the
enrollment process.

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