CCB's We Have a Voice Campaign

“We Have a Voice”, is built on several CCB truths that have been corroborated by members of our Community -students, parents, alumni, and staff- throughout time. At this school you learn to speak your mind, with arguments and with respect. You develop your own voice, your own opinions and perspectives whilst listening to others opinions in an enriching and constant dialogue. We are a community of freethinkers united by one heart, our Corazón Colombo, who go out into the world and strive to make a difference. Together, our voices become a powerful force. 

Together, we stand with a mission: to do good in this world. Let’s let our voices be a vehicle for transformation. For unity. For change. At CCB, #WeHaveAVoice

What's new?!

Ordinary General Assembly 2024

On this site you will find all the information and documents related to this year’s Virtual General Ordinary Assembly 2024 which will take place on Thursday, March 14th at 6:00 pm. 

We Have a Voice, CCB Manifesto

Take a look around you. Take a look at the world in which our children are growing up and into which they ...

CCB Dance, Art and Theatre in Asobilca

Our Primary and Secondary students are participating in the Integrated Arts Encounter “Derivas Climáticas Asobilca 2024”.

CCB students are named "Deportistas Destacados"

 Six students were recognized as athletes of the year at the Club Campestre de Cali, an event held on December 14th. 

CCB teams up with the MAKE-A-WISH Foundation

Several of our students from the IB’s CAS program (Creativity, Activity, and Service) are working with Make-A-Wish.

The Personal Project Journey

Carla Madison Perea Usher (11) shares tips about her experience with the Personal Project.

Agreeing as Parents is Essential at CCB

Learn more about our Parent Council's Essential Agreements.

Greenbeats news

Once a CCB Student, always a CCB Student. The only difference is that now you’re a part of Greenbeats, CCB’s Alumni Association. Here are some of the latest news from our exciting community.


A professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper for the Colombian national team and achieved records in the World Cups. He is a person who represents the voice of sports in our school and is a reference for all our students.


Industrial Engineer, businessman, and CEO of Arrocera la Esmeralda SAS.He is a person who represents the voice of business, social responsibility and generosity. An example for students who want to be entrepreneurs and make a positive impact of the environment.


Class member of CCB ́s first cohort, former teacher, former head of section, former Head of CCB (1993-2000), founder of the Alumni Association, and actual board member of the Alumni Association.She is a person who represents the voice for tradition, an example to preserve the legacy of our institution.


Colegio Colombo Británico is committed to the Safeguarding of all children.
Know more about our Child Protection Policy.

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