Why Our Legacy

As members of this Community, we have a history in common. 65 years worth of memories that live in our hearts and in hundreds upon hundreds of photographs and videos.This is your museum. It’s our museum. Your legacy. Our legacy. And together we can help it grow. By no means is this an exhaustive exposition of what makes us CCB. Yet it is a faithful one, and with your help, more can be added to it over time. In a sense, this is a collaborative museum. 

The “Our Legacy Museum” consists of 9 stations set up across the School’s campus, where you can learn about CCB’s history regarding our Campus, Student Life, Sports and Clubs, Culture, Seniors, Important Celebrations, Historical Moments, Houses, and a detailed explanation of what our Coat of Arms/School logo represents. 

These stations will allow you to explore each category further by scanning a QR code. Once you scan it, you will be taken to the virtual gallery of the “Our Legacy Museum”. An on-site as well as a virtual experience that our yougest to our oldest students, teachers, parents and staff can enjoy while strolling about the campus.     

We hope that by the time the tour ends, you come away with a greater love and respect for our School than you had at the start of the “voyage”. Getting to know more about our legacy is a way of loving it.  

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Special thanks to

Many hands went into this project. Each played an important role in making this museum a reality. 

To our 11th Grade students María Rosario Carranza, Natalia Solano and Antonia Tascón, a big thank you for choosing many of the photographs that appear in this museum. Looking through 55+ Yearbooks was a monumental task and it paid off! 

To our CAS Coordinator, Ximena Hurtado, for being a liason between the students and the museum’s production team. 

To our Class of 63 Alumni and CCB Headmistress from 1993 – 2000, María Consuelo Díaz, to Mrs. Luisa Ferrari de Valencia, CCB English Teacher and Head of Infants for many years, and to Myriam Polo de Molina, CCB’s College Placement Counsellor. Your knowledge about CCB History was very important for this project. We sincerely hope you like it! 

Big thanks to our Marketing and Admissions Director, Catalina Valenzuela (Class of 97), for her feedback and support throughout this project. The same goes to the Head of our Alumni Office, Daniela Téllez (Class of 2007) and Alejandro Osorio (Class of 2017).  

We want to thank the Our Legacy Museum production team. From CCB: Lina Galvis, Katerin Gándara and Esteban Villota for your help in organizing the exhibits and researching the context of many photographs. From Graffigna Ad Agency: Daniel Graffigna, Maco Cobo, Víctor Benítez, Juan Fernando Henao, Micaela Pico and Rocío Estella. You presented us with a beautiful look and feel design proposal both for the on-site as well as the virtual exhibit. 

Lastly, we want to thank CCB’s Headmaster, Mr. Nick Reeves, for believing and supporting this endeavour. 

Map of the Tour

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