Solutions through innovation

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The seventh grade graphic design students culminated the school year, working under the methodology of the design cycle aimed at solving problems or needs. This course resulted in 44 projects, full of innovation.

Normally there is always an exhibition of these projects showing the work done throughout the year, but due to the contingency and other inconveniences, the teacher María Fernanda Valencia wanted to show the projects virtually. She was very pleased with the work done, highlighting the attitude of the students.

“The students did the best they could in such difficult circumstances. Getting them to get to this point is quite something, especially because the design process starts at the same time but is very different for each one, individuality in design is very important. ” Maria Fernanda told us. 

The methodology used in the MYP design in grade 7 is based on the design cycle, where students have to go through the whole process of developing an idea to solve a specific problem. The course is based on following the process phase by phase, so that the kids have a clear path to follow. First, they look for a need, then they look at different solutions, develop the idea, come up with a 3D product that is built and evaluated to complete the process.

One of the most common difficulties was coping with classes from home. This was the focus of Juana Cadavid’s problem, who devised a portable desk to work more comfortably. 

“Having the product at the end was very satisfying, I enjoyed building the project. Several times I had to rethink the idea because the mechanisms didn’t work, but I was able to find solutions,” Juana told us.

Other challenges were encountered in the daily life of the students. One of them, for example, was faced by Juan Diego Knobelsdorf, who was unable to reach the high shelves in his house, a problem he solved with his Chair-Staircase.

“It was a success, I use it every day.  I really enjoyed building it, it was difficult but I always hoped it would work,” Juan Diego told us about his project.

We would like to congratulate, on behalf of teacher Maria Fernanda and the whole CCB Community, each of the students who participated in the graphic design class this year. Their work was excellent. 

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