A bridge to Primary

On Thursday, August 12th, when last year’s 1st graders walked across the bridge that connects Early Childhood to Primary, they officially became 2nd graders. That’s the symbolic power behind this tender rite of passage. The short distance that passes over the brook represents a coming of age moment. They step into a new chapter waiting […]

Solutions through innovation

The seventh grade graphic design students culminated the school year, working under the methodology of the design cycle aimed at solving problems or needs. This course resulted in 44 projects, full of innovation. Normally there is always an exhibition of these projects showing the work done throughout the year, but due to the contingency and […]

Staying safe in 2021-2022

The Covid 19 contingency brought significant changes to everyone’s lives, the way we relate to people and the environment changed drastically. We learned to live with the virus thanks to the biosecurity protocols, protocols that we at the CCB take very seriously. Since the possibility of returning to face-to-face teaching was opened, we have made […]

New Heads in Secondary and Primary

August marks the beginning of a school year full of changes, and some of those changes are the new Heads of Section in both Primary and Secondary: Carlos Piñeres and Silvia Franco, respectively.  We share some insight into who they are and what they look to accomplish in their new positions.  Interim Head of the […]