Staying safe in 2021-2022

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The Covid 19 contingency brought significant changes to everyone’s lives, the way we relate to people and the environment changed drastically. We learned to live with the virus thanks to the biosecurity protocols, protocols that we at the CCB take very seriously.

Since the possibility of returning to face-to-face teaching was opened, we have made an effort to comply with all the protocols required by the Ministry of Education. At the CCB we were always complying with local and national regulations, thinking about possible future changes.

Implementing the rules at the school meant a lot of sacrifice. The work was done with a lot of commitment and with the participation of everyone; directors, collaborators, teachers, parents and students. We would like to highlight the work of the Medical Department and the Safety at Work team, because thanks to them we were able to fully comply with all the requirements.

Overall, the measures implemented were very effective and the compliance rating was very good, according to the reports made by the entities in charge of the inspections at the school.

According to Valentina Gomez, CCB’s Occupational Safety Analyst, after last year’s efforts, the protocols will be maintained, although some measures will be less rigorous. 

“It will not be necessary to become stricter with biosecurity. We have even been relaxing the measures, according to what the Colombian government is telling us. For example, we will no longer have a two-metre distance, but a one-metre distance, which will allow more people to be inside the school premises,” Valentina explained.

As far as vaccinations are concerned, a large number of staff and teachers have been vaccinated. We are in the process of vaccinating new employees before they start work, as well as foreign teachers who have already been vaccinated. We hope to be fully vaccinated soon. 

“The biggest challenge is to have our whole community in the school. Enforcing the protocols is a big challenge that we are ready to meet again. We are happy that we are able to be at school again,” Valentina told us.

We are back at CCB but we must not let our guard down. Although the vaccination is progressing, the virus is not gone yet. These are the measures and/or recommendations that will be maintained this year:

-Respond to the student Health Daily Survey in Phidias. 

– Arrange tables in the cafeteria or restaurant in such a way that 1 metre distance is maintained between people.

– Do not allow group meetings where the minimum distance of 1 metre between people cannot be guaranteed.

– Avoid meetings for periods of time greater than or equal to 120 minutes (2 hours) to avoid establishing close contact between people sharing in these spaces.

– Family members or caregivers 60 years of age or older should NOT enter school premises.

– Scarves, hats or balaclavas are NOT a substitute for face masks, no face masks with exhalation valves are allowed.

– Extreme cleanliness and disinfection of surfaces in classrooms and learning spaces.

– Educational institutions should carry out recreational and training activities on topics that promote mental health care for both students and workers.

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