The CCB is preparing to host the 1st AACBI Sports Meet

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The CCB will host the 1st AACBI Sports Meet (8th-9th grade) from the 10th to the 12th of February. This exciting sporting event will take place in our facilities. Eight  schools from Cali, 1 from Barranquilla and 1 from Bogota, some of them members of the Andean Association of International Baccalaureate Schools (AACBI), will compete in 3 sports: Volleyball (male and female), Football (male and female) and Basketball (male), bringing together more than 150 athletes who will give their best to win the coveted trophy. 

The process of creating an AACBI Sports Meet for the eighth and ninth grades was achieved thanks to the efforts of the CCB’s Extracurricular Department. This occasion would be the first time that the CCB has held the AACBI Cup and it is a great challenge for the school.

“During the pandemic we had a meeting of AACBI mediators at national level, we invited schools from Peru and Argentina. We were speakers at that meeting, we exhibited our work on the pandemic with extracurricular and sports schools. We made a request to the Executive Director of AACBI, Luis Eduardo Rivas, to hold this first meeting. We received the endorsement and we ventured to make this AACBI meeting, we applied to host the event, taking the first step towards this new experience,” said Diego Bernal, Coordinator of CCB’s Extracurriculars and Sports School.

This edition of the 1st AACBI Sports Meet will give our students the experience of competing at a national level, playing as locals and having the opportunity to display all their talent on behalf of CCB. It will also provide an opportunity to continue organising events of this magnitude.

“This is a first step towards fulfilling a vision that we have always had in extracurriculars and that is to have an ongoing annual schedule of sporting activities,” added Diego. 

The Cup will be played in a quadrangular format, everyone against everyone. Afterwards, cross semifinals will be played, first against fourth, second against third and the grand final. There will also be a match for third place.

“Our boys and girls are enthusiastic, the teams are preparing, there are some groups with which we can be champions and others that are in the process”., shared Diego. 

The 1st AACBI Sports Meet will be the start of a fairly extensive sporting calendar in 2022. Follow our social media to keep up to date with the day-to-day activities of this great event! Proud To Be CCB!

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