CCB students stand out in tennis competition

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CCB students, Óscar Alzate 2D, Paulina Moreno 3C, Martín Aldana 3C, Gregorio Vélez 6O and Jacobo Montoya 7C, had an outstanding participation in the Copa Club Campestre Cali Tennis Tournament held from the 18th to the 20th of February. This competition opened its doors for the categories Red Ball, (up to 8 years old), Orange Ball, (up to 9 years old), Green Ball, (up to 10 years old) and 11 to 13 years old. They competed in several games, measured themselves against athletes of the same age and gained experience for their next sporting challenges.

Óscar Alzate, participated in singles in the 7-8 years category reaching the final of the tournament, adding one more final to his four-year career in the sport. 

For his mother Ángela Salazar, every participation of her son is a source of joy.

“I feel nervous and proud of his dedication to the sport and super happy to see his achievements after each match.”

Paulina Moreno followed in her schoolmates steps and took first place during her two participations playing in singles and doubles in the 7-8 age group. Her strong serve and backhand combination gave her enough strength to be the champion of her category. 

“I feel very proud to see her so young but so committed to her sport. They are moments of great stress because to see her in complicated situations, as in the final match, she was losing 3-1 and to see her like that, she controls herself, she breathes, analyses her opponent’s game and she is full of strength to overcome this score, tie it and beat her is really admirable,” said Irene Escobar, Paulina’s mother. 

The first place in doubles, in the 7-8 years category was reserved for Martín Aldana, his competitive spirit and his concentration convinced him to make the best performance so that together with his partner, they could reach the championship. Respect for his rivals is one of the principles that his parents have instilled in him, valuing the preparation that each participant has prior to the competitions. 

“We see Martin in a few years as a child who puts into practice the principles and values of this sport in society, as an integral sportsman, developing his technique to obtain new triumphs and aware that with discipline, work and commitment you get what you want,” said Diana Carolina Lasso, Martin’s mother. 

Gregorio Vélez and Jacobo Montoya were not far behind and were the doubles champions in the 11-13 years category. 

Congratulations to the CCB athletes who continue to demonstrate the best results in each sporting competition, Tennis has been one of the sports that has given more joy to our community, hopefully they will continue with this high level for their next tournaments.

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