María José and Dinastía, the perfect pairing

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María José Becerra Hartmann from grade 7, was double champion of the Concurso Nacional de Salto Ecuestre Dos Estrellas CSN and the Campeonato Departamental de Todas Las Categorías, participating in the “pre-infantil A” category. This event took place between the 26th and 28th of November at the Club Campestre de Cali. María together with her mare “Dinastía” made a perfect duo to reach the top of the podium in both competitions.

María José started her passion for riding at a very young age. It was at the “Escuela de Equitación la Z” where she learned how to make connections with horses, lose her fear of them, bathe them and understand them.

In 2017, she started riding at the Club Hípico Colombiano, from beginners, and later in the junior category, jumping 40 and 60 centimetre obstacles. In 2018 she got her first horse, “Astroboy”. Alongside him, she competed in three more categories, honing her skills and gaining the confidence that would allow her to be at her highest level today.

“To see María in her performance as an athlete is an enormous pride, because she has always been passionate about her sport, because it came naturally and without any pressure and she enjoys it and as long as she enjoys any sacrifice, it is worth it,” said Nathalie Hartmann, María José’s mother.

Currently María José has managed to consolidate her riding skills with her new mare “Dinastía”, with whom she won the podium in the past two competitions, forming a perfect pairing that has allowed her to demonstrate her skills and forge a strong character to tame her mare. 

“When she competes it’s a clash of emotions, it’s so proud to see her there demonstrating the results of her training, and she looks beautiful, strong, calm. But it is undeniable that it is distressing, a thousand thoughts go through my mind, that she doesn’t fall, that she doesn’t get lost on the track, that she doesn’t knock over obstacles. These are mixed feelings.”, said Nathalie Hartmann.

In her most recent equestrian competition that took place in Bogotá, María José came in 4th place representing Valle del Cauca among 60 competitors. 

Congratulations to María José for her great performance and her excellent ability as a rider, we hope that in her next competitions with “Dinastía” she will stand out again and reflect her hours of practice and dedication jumping over all the obstacles that come her way.

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