CCB hosts Round Square Spanish Lab

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On the 30th of November, the first Round Square Spanish Lab was hosted by students from grades 10, 11 and 12 of the CCB. Through virtual sessions they welcomed students from different schools across the globe associated to Round Square and who are acquiring Spanish as a second language.

This activity lasted an hour during which the participants and the theme of the virtual meeting was “Lifestyle”. The participants were shown the Colombian culture, typical cuisine and its famous sayings. In this way, the foreign students brush up on their Spanish and also learn about Colombian culture.

“This time we had the privilege of working with Indian, British and European schools, it was a very nice experience, I was pleasantly surprised because I saw that Colombian and Hispanic culture are accepted and celebrated in other countries,” said Juan Sebastián Cifuentes (12th grade), a participant in the Spanish Lab.

Through Round Square, CCB students have the opportunity to share with other international schools, opening doors to get to know other cultures and generating connections between students of the same age, with totally different customs. Thus expanding their international mindedness.

“The process for this activity was very well planned. We stayed from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm to plan the activities we intended to develop. We were divided into a few levels: basic, intermediate and advanced Spanish. All of this to carry out the activities according to the “Lifestyle” theme” mentioned Mariana Ramírez (12th grade) participant of Spanish Lab.

This is the first year that CCB is a member of Round Square, which has made it possible for students to have this type of experience, participate in the activities presented by member schools and even put together their own events.

“It’s an opportunity to promote the School. We are an international school and we have the same skills as any other school. We have been preparing this activity with the students for a month and we are very happy to do it,” said Andri Yicelt García, Spanish teacher and guide to the students in the construction of the Spanish Lab.

It is hoped that soon CCB’s French department will have the opportunity to attend this sort of Round Square activity only this time they will be invited by schools whose main language is French – an excellent initiative for the students and CCB! 

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