EC’s little ones run the Show in latest Student-led Conference

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On Wednesday 14th December, the Student-Led Conferences were held in which students from the Early Childhood section demonstrated to their parents all their abilities to reflect, plan and express themselves orally. They were the ones who led the conferences organised in the classrooms, exhibiting all their skills.

The students were in charge of sharing with their parents the presentations of different activities and knowledge achieved during the course of the year. They presented with self-confidence, leadership and appropriation of the topics.

“This opportunity allows the possibility to visit as many learning spaces as the child wishes to and demonstrate their progress in various learning approaches, using their whole body if they want. Students share their achievements and responsibility for challenges experienced during the period, as well as set goals for the future,” said Sidey Viedman, Assistant Head of Early Childhood Section.

Parents, for their part, had to be interested in genuinely listening to their children, seeking to understand the activities, asking key questions such as: What kind of difficulties did you have?, Why did you want to show us that?, What have you learned in this space during all this time? These questions were asked to give some direction to the discussion and to learn about their children’s learning model.

“In a Student-led Conference,  the children are the ones who speak. Parents are invited to a kind of interaction different from a three-way conference (which tends to be more like a conversation among adults in the presence of a child). A Student-led Conference is an intimate encounter as a family, with the child as the protagonist who shares with parents new achievements, learning, understanding, and skills. In sum, it is a moment for the children to celebrate their self-efficacy and to strengthen their self-confidence, while surrounded by the love of their significant adults” said Claudia Fayad, Early Childhood’s Head of Section. 

We know that for students, parents and teachers alike, Student-Led Conferences are a very important and unforgettable moment. 

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