Great results in CCB Squash

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Alejandro Solís López (6O), was runner-up (2nd Place) in the 3rd Regional Squash Tournament, held last October at the facilities of Deportivo Cali, participating in the fourth category. He also won third place in the IV National Squash Tournament, held in October at the Club Campestre de Cali participating in the U13 category.

In the 3rd Regional Squash Tournament Alejandro defeated four participants to reach the finals, where he did not manage to win but he did get the confidence to know that he has no limits. More than 120 athletes participated in the IV National Squash Tournament and were divided into 14 categories. Alejandro managed to occupy the third place in his category, exhibiting all his physical and mental strength. 

“Playing against people from other cities is more challenging. There are very good players in this sport. It was my first National competition, I was very happy. With my coach we prepared to improve on my weakest aspects. I also had in mind what I am good at and studied my opponent”, said Alejandro.

Alejandro trains 4 days a week to learn how to make use of his greatest allies in the Squash court:  the walls. Alejandro has been practising this sport for 6 years and knows very well that good results depend on excellent preparation, high discipline and confidence in decision making. With perseverance, little by little, his movements and demands will help him to gain more experience for his next matches. 

“When I go onto the court I concentrate on warming up. Without a warm-up it’s impossible to perform at 100%. Then hitting the ball is my main objective, it’s that feeling of hitting the ball well. The first match of a tournament makes me a bit nervous, but I’m used to it,” said Alejandro. Alejandro hopes that in a few years he will be able to represent Colombia and participate in international tournaments. 

“One of the biggest challenges for me as a mother is to accompany him to all the training sessions and encourage him in the club tournaments in which he participates and regional tournaments in which he has played. I feel excited and proud to see my son,” said Mónica López, Alejandro’s mother.

His mind is on the game and his eyes are on the prize. Alejandro’s strict preparation for the national tournaments will continue. This first experience has set a personal best on his career. A personal best that he hopes to improve in the next competitions. Keep it up, Alejo!

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