Getting ready for the big CCBMUN XIX!

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About 250 students belonging to 11 bilingual schools in the city gathered last Friday, November 5th at the CCB for the simulation of the CCB MUN XIX which will take place from November 18th to 20th. The purpose of the simulation is to make sure all the  delegates become familiar with their committee presidents, their peers and the climate of debate, knowledge and tension that is experienced during the search for real solutions to global problems.

“This is a simulation of what the real Model United Nations is going to do. It is created for the delegates to get to know how the model works in case they barely know its processes and to get to know their presidents, their fellow delegates and to practice their skills before they get to the model,” mentioned Mariana Ramirez, President of the Futuristic Security Council Committee, and CCB student. 

“At the MUN we are students representing values and talking about different countries in a political context, one in which we seek to debate different international problems in order to find solutions,” said Juan Sebastián Cifuentes, President of the Futuristic Security Council Committee, and CCB student.

With just a few days to go before the big event, there is excitement and anticipation. It’s a return to the pre-pandemic way of doing the CCB MUN. They will no longer debate on computer screens but will be able to do it in person. And best of all, our campus is the stage! This important detail adds layers toW the excitement of the MUN experience and allows the participants to make friends. Can’t wait for it to begin!

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