One step closer to Davidson College

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Valentina Herrera and Alejandro Ortiz from grade 12R have been selected to apply for a full athletic scholarship at Davidson College in North Carolina, USA. Their passion and dedication to sports has led these two students to be among the applicants for this important scholarship.

Valentina decided at a very young age to start a career in football at CCB in the fifth grade. She chose this sport to focus on understanding it, practising it and becoming one of the best in her team, being the captain of the CCB team. And this love story has helped her apply for this spot at Davidson College.

“I never thought that playing sports at school would give me the opportunity to aspire to something like this. One day I was training and the Director of Sports, Diego, came up to me and said why don’t I try to apply. That really caught my attention so I decided to do it because football is a sport that I have always loved and if I can play it on a large scale that would be great. When I was nominated it was amazing, I couldn’t believe it, it’s a great opportunity that the College nominates you for these scholarships,” said Valentina.

Alejandro has a long relationship with swimming, a sport that captivated him from a very young age. When he was 18 months old, his parents decided to put him in a pool so that he could learn to swim. Years later, Alejandro decided he liked the feeling of being like a fish in the water and entered the CCB, competing on behalf of the school. Due to his high performance, it was recommended that he should look for a more competitive team to continue practising with stronger training. He currently trains at the Astros Club and accompanies the CCB in any competition. He has represented Valle del Cauca in some tournaments. 

“The dream of studying in the United States on a scholarship has always been present since I was a child. Since I started swimming I have looked for universities because the effort I have made to swim and the sacrifices I have made are reflected in the scholarship. I have won several medals representing Valle and this has helped me to have confidence and apply for this scholarship which will be very helpful. I want to make a huge impression in the United States with swimming!” said Alejandro.

Both athletes will continue to give their all to grow in their sport and in their professional education. 

“In two years I want to be representing Colombia and in three years I want to participate in the Olympics in Paris. I have to prepare hard to get there and continue with my studies,” said Alejandro.

“I see myself in a lifestyle both in sport and academics, growing in sport and in academics which is what I have been doing in the CCB, I want to do it now at another level and with new experiences,” said Valentina Herrera.

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