Medals for CCB Gymnasts at Copa Yumbo 2021

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Susana Vallejo Valenzuela (8th) and Koha Revees Valero (5th) from CCB, won several medals in different gymnastics categories in the second Copa Yumbo 2021, a municipal tournament of sports clubs, held in the municipality of Yumbo last Saturday 23rd October. 

Susana won 2 medals in the level 3 category (13 years and older), both in third place, for vaulting and floor gymnastics. Koha participated in category level 1 (10 to 11 years old) and won 4 medals: second place in jumping, third place in the floor category, fifth place in the balance beam and finally, fourth place in the overall individual (sum of the 3 categories).  

“I was a bit nervous, but at the same time excited. I was nervous but the most important thing was to know all the routines and I did. I have been practising this sport for two years. I like it because I can express myself as I am and I can do what I like the most,” said Koha.

This was Koha’s first competition and thanks to her dedication and sacrifice she achieved excellent results. While Susana had not trained in a while, despite her inactive time, she did great in the categories in which she participated remembering her best beginnings, which inspire her to continue with the sport.

“We trained almost every day to be ready for the competition. I am proud of myself for training all the time to enter this competition and for being able to win this place. The nerves did not allow me to qualify any better as this was my first competition after 4 years without doing gymnastics. Going back to continue with the flexibility, stretching and learning the routines was the most complex thing,” said Susana.

Their coach Wilson Tello, a former CCB teacher, has been training with them for about 5 months and highlighted their participation in this tournament. 

“The proposed goal was to test the routines learned and to become familiar with the competitions. The results of both were above expectations, obtaining some of the medals.”, said Wilson.

Susana and Koha will continue to work hard in their training, concentrating on their routines, improving their flexibility and strength, focusing both on the mental and the muscular aspects of the game. You make us very proud! Congratulations. 

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