CCB student publishes a poem in Univalle’s Lexikalia magazine.

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Isabella Trujillo from CCB grade 10, contributed her poem “Manos de una pianista” (Hands of a pianist) to the launch of the 11th edition of Lexikalia magazine published by the School of Literary Studies of the Universidad del Valle. Her poem was illustrated and published, expressing the connection between her and her piano through superb imagery and literary figures.

After participating in the magazine’s call for entries, Isabella waited several months to receive news about the acceptance of her poem. In August she was told that her poem had been accepted and that the next step was to have it illustrated, this time by a student from the University. 

“I was very happy, you realise that you are a student among university students, you feel special, unique. Besides, your poem and your writing is being valued. I am inspired by the things I do, by my passion for music and the piano. All the inspirations I get from writing have a lot to do with who I am and what I do and what I enjoy doing,” said Isabella.

During the magazine’s launch event, Isabella listened to Colombian poet María Alejandra Lerma read some of her poems, a poet Isabella admires. 

“I recently saw the call for entries for the next edition of the magazine. This time it has some special themes. I’m thinking about what I’m going to base it on, it could be a short story, an essay or a poem,” said Isabella.

Isabella hopes to continue her journey in the world of poetry and literature. Although professionally she is more inclined towards the sciences, she hopes to complement her two passions to keep writing. 

“Many people have read my poem, they have liked it and I get very good comments so that motivates me, I want to continue writing and participating in various things,” she said. 

The next call for entries for Lexikalia magazine closes on 16 January 2022. Find out more by clicking here:

Here we share Isabella’s poem for everyone’s delight:

Manos de una Pianista, By Isabella Trujillo

Olas que van y vienen,

le dan rumbo al navegante que

anhela ir veloz,

pero está al paso de la brisa.

Si naufraga



lo que zarpó.

Olas que se menean, 

barco que se mece

en el relámpago de la fuerte lluvia

al amanecer de la suave nube

Su parada,

el silencio

su destino,

un comienzo.

Bella noche de marea alta

roce de los luceros 

con el más delicado toque, 

se contemplan semejantes,

brillos diferentes.

Brillo blanco

de la vieja luna

y brillo negro

del cielo entero.

Tierra a pocos metros,

el barco en su descanso

se separa de las olas

y disuelve en las neblinas.

Mas todo fue una ilusión

de las manos de un pianista.

Congratulations to Isabella for this great literary achievement, let’s hope she continues to polish her writing and her inspiration remains intact to compose the best poems and take everyone’s imagination to fly.

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