Students participate in Torneo Sudamericano de Gimnasia Artística

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Isabella Correa from Grade 6 and Gabriella Vásquez Masmela from Grade 3 participated in the South American Artistic Gymnastics Tournament held in the city of Cartagena on 12 December 2021. Isabella won 3 medals, including a first place medal, and Gabriella excelled in the Pre level category. Both students competed at a high level making us at CCB very proud.

At the age of 6, Isabella decided to take up the sport as an extracurricular activity at School. A year later she started training with the Liga Vallecaucan. She then continued with the Talentum club, where she was taught the love and passion for the sport.

“When I am training I feel that I am doing what I am passionate about and I enjoy it. It makes me very excited and happy to be able to do this beautiful sport and that I have a whole path of things to do ahead of me”.

For her part, Gabriella, told us about her excitement at competing in gymnastics and her favourite exercises.

“I feel proud of what I do, I like to jump and do whatever I want. I like the beam very much, I do the finish very well. I have fun and I can keep my balance. In the competition I felt scared on vault, I didn’t do well. I started to concentrate on the other apparatuses and everything went better. I really enjoyed competing in Cartagena and my parents were very proud and happy, I couldn’t believe that I did so well.” she said.  

The effort of both has not been in vain, because the good results have not been long in coming, congratulations to Isabella and Gabriella for their excellent performance! 

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