CCB students stand out at the VII Jefferson Cup

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Nineteen CCB students stood out in the VII Jefferson Cup of Artistic Gymnastics. This cup was held virtually on December 8, 2021 with each participating school streaming their routines online. About 140 girls from Jefferson, Marymount of Medellín and Colombo Británico of Cali schools participated in this competition.

This important tournament was an opportunity for our students to make themselves known and challenge themselves. The categories of participation were Initiation, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 4.

The outstanding participation of the CCB athletes allowed them to place in many of the highest positions of the competition, congratulations for their excellent performance, we hope this is the beginning of their sporting career.

INITIATION (Category 7 years old/ Subdivision 1).

1st Place: Lucía Londoño Vergara

3rd Place: María Martina Chamat Mendoza

INITIATION (Category 8 years old).

1st Place: Antonella Sardi Llanos

LEVEL 1 (Category 7 years old).

2nd Place: Alicia Borrero Cruz

3rd Place: Sofía Morera Rondón

LEVEL 1 (Category 8 years old – Subdivision 1).

2nd Place: Manuela Palacio Viracacha

3rd Place: Daniela Roldán Solís

LEVEL 1 (Category 8 years old – Subdivision 2).

1st Place: Antonella Barnie Mafla

2nd Place: Camila Caicedo Sudupe

LEVEL 1 (Category 9 years old).

2nd Place: Amelia Charfuelan Ricaurte

2nd Place: Raquel Cardona Pérez

LEVEL 1 (Category 10-12 years).

1st Place: María Paula Marín Losada

LEVEL 2 (Category 9 years).

1st Place: Alisson Herrera Gomez

2nd Place: Elena Lambardi Palacios

LEVEL 2 (Category 10 years).

1st Place: Emma Konietzko Maya

LEVEL 2 (Category 11-12 years).

2nd Place: Koha Reeves Valero

LEVEL 2 (Category 13-14 years).

1st Place: Lisa Matine Takougoum Feugne


1st Place: Natalia Tello Betancourt

2nd Place: Catalina Lloreda Gómez

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