María José volleys with power

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María José Burbano Morales, grade 3B student, was crowned champion in doubles tennis in the 10 year old category at the Children’s Festival held at Club Campestre de Pereira from the 11th to the 16th of October. María José showed all her skills and preparation to become the undisputed champion along with her partner, Camila Soto.

The road to victory was not easy for María José. She had to beat several rivals who had the same thirst for victory. In the end, her reflexes and speed were the key to her best volleys, leaving her opponents without a chance.

“I felt very excited playing the final, to get there I had to play two games at a time as I advanced, demanding a lot and preparing myself strictly to get good results,” said María José. 

María José has been practicing this sport for 5 years, currently at the Club Campestre Farallones, training with older children due to the top quality of her game.

“I have to train every day if I want to be a high performance athlete. I usually train from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM where I see personalised and group classes, as well as physical fitness classes. Before a competition I have to train until 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm”.

The preparation has been a determining factor. Training makes it so that every time María José steps on a court, she feels one hundred percent connected, with her mind on the game and her body ready to send the best serve, or a backhand that leaves her opponent surprised, playing like a veteran at her young age and knowing what many professional tennis players have internalised: mental toughness is equally or more important than physical strength because by controlling your mind you control the game.

“I have a very polished technique, my reference is Federer because of his very good technique, and I also like Belinda Bencic. I want to keep training, reach the US Open or win several Grand Slams.” 

And we want to see you win too, María José! Congratulations and best of luck in the next competitions!

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