CCB alumni teaches 7th graders about Biomes and sustainability in architecture

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CCB grade 7O and 7R students received a presentation by CCB’s architecture intern and Alum from the Class of 2015, Luis Miguel Martínez, who spoke to them about Colombian biomes, sustainable construction and ecological design. All this to help them with the brainstorming of their final product for the Design class under the teacher Marilia Fonseca Lopes De Almeida Milne.

For the Design course, the students have to build a house in a small container keeping in mind the biomes they have seen previously, the different climatic factors, vegetation, among others.

“For my class the students have to select the biome taking into account the vegetation and climatic factors so that they can create a design according to each space. Thanks to Luis Miguel we were able to resolve many concerns,” said teacher Marilia.  

The students asked questions showing a real interest in learning more and more about biomes in order to apply the one they liked the most to their project.

“It was interesting to learn how to make the windows to allow the wind to enter, as well as how to make a house according to the biomes. A very important talk to carry out my project”, said Alejandro Lara, 7th grade student. 

With this knowledge our students can now be more aware of the architectural design qualities of the infrastructures they see every day. Luis Miguel was able to bring complex architectural dilemmas in a simpler, more comprehensive way .  

“My emphasis is based on this, so getting the students to understand this in a simpler way was satisfying. I like to explain it and I feel comfortable because it is what I studied,” said Luis Migue Martínez, CCB architecture intern. Luis Miguel has helped the school shape several important projects visually, including the Houses Trophy Case and Hallway.

It is hoped that next year the students will present their designs in an exhibition inside the school. We will be looking into it! 

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