12th graders visit the “Centro de conocimiento y biodiversidad” in Cali Zoo.

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The 12th grade students coursing the Environmental Systems and Societies IB class and their teachers went on a field trip to the Cali Zoo to explore the relevance of maintaining biodiversity and genetic diversity as a human species and the important role Zoos play in researching and preserving this biodiversity.

Upon arrival at the facilities, biologist Carlos Andrés Galvis had a presentation prepared for our students to tell them about the role of zoos for the study of biodiversity and the study of animals.

“They had another perspective, a more real one in an external field, listening to an expert biologist with a wealth of experience. They also understood what zoos have achieved in terms of preserving and researching multiple species,” said Nelson Guzmán, Environmental Systems and Societies teacher.

This type of learning outside the classroom bolsters our student’s learning and they can experience more and more about their topics of interest directly. 

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