CCB Alumna joins Global Perkins and Wills

-English- “The discipline and the order of the CCB helped me to graduate with honours from the university.” – Verónica Hernández. On Friday, May 20, the alumna Verónica Hernández from the 2018 promotion, just graduated from Architecture with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Carnegie Mellon located in the city of  […]

Victories are small steps that lead you to achieve your dreams

-English- On Saturday, May 14, the CCB student Cristóbal Torres from 2nd grade, attended the XXI Ping-Pong tournament located in the Municipality of Paipa, Boyacá. He had the opportunity to represent the Valle del Cauca nationally, where he showed his tennis skills and gave a magnificent performance in the tournament. 10 months ago Cristobal started […]

Shared triumphs

-English- From Thursday, May 19 until Sunday, May 22, The 7th-grade student Martina García Flórez performed at the All Dance competition in Cali, while her brother Tomás García Flórez of 3rd grade went to the Swimming Copa Narval con Aleta’s competition. Martina got 2nd place in her category and Tomás came in second place in […]

Dance to impress

-English- From Sunday, May 22nd until Wednesday, May 25th, the 4th graders Renata González Victoria and Juliana León Duque went to the All Dance competition, the event took place at the Fire Dance Complex Academy in Cali. The competition had a significant number of competitors who made the event a spectacle.  The All Dance event is […]