Joaquín earns U13 Swimming Athlete Award

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Joaquín de Francisco Valdivieso (3rd Grade) was recognised as the outstanding swimming athlete of 2021 in the under 13 category by the Club Campestre de Cali. His love and motivation for this sport has driven him to be at his best level.

Joaquin’s love for swimming began with the encouragement of his father, who has practiced the sport as an amateur. Once his son started learning to swim, he became interested in aquatic activities and wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, training and participating in different competitions on behalf of the Club Campestre de Cali.

Breaststroke is his forte and he trains twice a week as he strengthens his style more and more. 

“We are very happy to see Joaquin motivated because this allows him to demonstrate his great potential. It makes us strike a balance between the academic, behavioural and sporting discipline,” said Andres Felipe de Francisco, Joaquin’s father. 

Congratulations to Joaquin for this great recognition which is very meaningful at his young age! 




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