Intercultural exchange in the UK!

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From March 6th to April 3rd , 27 CCB 6th grade students will embark on an international experience in Great Britain. Barnardiston Hall Preparatory School UK is the school that will welcome them on European soil, providing them with high quality academic and sporting opportunities, guide them through British culture and getting to know emblematic sites of the city of London accompanied by CCB’s Liliana Lenis Navia, Well-Being Coordinator and Juliana Díez, MYP Counsellor.

The Barnardiston Hall Preparatory School programme was the first exchange programme to be carried out by the CCB in 2004.

This trip allows sixth grade students to have an academic integration for about a month in England, combining two experiences: one academic, sharing classes with British students and from other parts of the world; and the other, getting to know the British culture and iconic places in the UK, visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, The Museum of London, Tower of London, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. 

“This is an opportunity for growth because it enhances the skills of autonomy, self-management and the attributes of the IB profile such as Open Minded, and Caring. It teaches them to value this opportunity, to care for each other and to recognise intercultural differences, it is also a total immersion in British English,” said Juliana Díez, MYP Counsellor.

The quality of learning experience at Barnardiston is quite high. Students will see classes such as English history, French, they will have emphasis on British English, to have more contact with the language. They will attend Rugby and Cricket as extracurricular activities,  have art and music classes.

“We are preparing minds and hearts to face the challenges of the future, and we are preparing them to face the challenges of learning about other cultures and adapting at such a young age. We are aligned with what it means to be a high quality school,” said Juliana Diez, MYP Counsellor.

Many of the students mentioned that they want to meet new friends, try new foods and see new places. Bottomline, they are all looking forward to going, having a new experience and playing new sports with students from England and other countries.

Bon voyage to all of them! And don’t forget to send us a postcard! 

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