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Plogging: connecting with nature and body

The connection between nature and physical activity was present among the Secondary students who, together with their physical education teachers, visited the Pance Ecopark on

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One step closer to Davidson College

Valentina Herrera and Alejandro Ortiz from grade 12R have been selected to apply for a full athletic scholarship at Davidson College in North Carolina, USA.

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Great results in CCB Squash

Alejandro Solís López (6O), was runner-up (2nd Place) in the 3rd Regional Squash Tournament, held last October at the facilities of Deportivo Cali, participating in

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Getting ready for the big CCBMUN XIX!

About 250 students belonging to 11 bilingual schools in the city gathered last Friday, November 5th at the CCB for the simulation of the CCB

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Medals for CCB Gymnasts at Copa Yumbo 2021

Susana Vallejo Valenzuela (8th) and Koha Revees Valero (5th) from CCB, won several medals in different gymnastics categories in the second Copa Yumbo 2021, a

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Dancing with balance, love and passion!

Primary students Juliana León Duque and Renata González Victoria, from grades 4B and 4C, took first place in the lyrical group category in the dance

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Cooking Lasagnas and more at HV

Last Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 October, 15 students from grades 10, 11 and 12 had the experience of a vocational internship at the Harinera

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Houses and Columbus Day

On Friday 22nd October, Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day was celebrated and Primary House activities took place. The general theme was culture, and each

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Welcome to The Yard

Our CCB Community has great expectation for “The Yard”, the first business fair organised by the CCB Alumni Association (GreenBeats). It will take place tomorrow,

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Theory of Knowledge Exhibitions in Secondary

-English- On the 6th of October an exhibition of Theory of Abstract Knowledge, an activity for senior students, took place. This exhibition is essential for

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Face to face with the animals

-English- Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th October were special days for the whole CCB community. The first educational field trip since the beginning of the

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The 1st Community Conference was a success!

-English- On Saturday October 9th, the 1st Community Conference of ASOBILCA grounds of the Colegio Colombo Británico. Teachers and academic support staff from the seven

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PTA’s Flea Market for All

-English- From Monday 11th to Tuesday 12th October PTA’s “El Pulguero” took place at the Casa Colombo. This is an important event organised by the

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1er Encuentro de la Comunidad ASOBILCA

Apreciados integrantes de la Asociación de Colegios Bilingües de Cali (ASOBILCA), Nos complacemos en darles la bienvenida a nuestro primer encuentro como comunidad: “Generando espacios

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IB Awards Ceremony @ CCB

Today, October 7th, the IB Diploma Award Ceremony for the class of 2021 took place in the AEB Laurence auditorium. It was a historic ceremony

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Smooth sailing for Mariantonia!

-English- On the 23rd of September the nautical competition “II Multiclases Calima 2021” took place, an official event of the Liga Vallecaucana de Vela held

Important Celebrations

From the First Communion to the CCB Festival, many celebrations have become traditions throughout the years. In this section we take a dive into the

Sports & Clubs

Did you know that at one point in our history we played cricket, had a rowing team, and our scouts roster was in the hundreds?


Our love for the arts has been with us since the beginning. Arts in all its forms. Music. Theatre. Painting. Singing. Dancing. You name it!