Multipartes field trip

–English– On Tuesday, June 14th the 12th-grade students of Economics and Business Management of the CCB had the opportunity to visit Multipartes S.A., a Company from the region, where CCB alums work. The students were greeted, guided, and assisted by the alumni.  During the visit, the students were able to witness different concepts they saw […]

CCB Alumna joins Global Perkins and Wills

-English- “The discipline and the order of the CCB helped me to graduate with honours from the university.” – Verónica Hernández. On Friday, May 20, the alumna Verónica Hernández from the 2018 promotion, just graduated from Architecture with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Carnegie Mellon located in the city of  […]

Shared triumphs

-English- From Thursday, May 19 until Sunday, May 22, The 7th-grade student Martina García Flórez performed at the All Dance competition in Cali, while her brother Tomás García Flórez of 3rd grade went to the Swimming Copa Narval con Aleta’s competition. Martina got 2nd place in her category and Tomás came in second place in […]

Dance to impress

-English- From Sunday, May 22nd until Wednesday, May 25th, the 4th graders Renata González Victoria and Juliana León Duque went to the All Dance competition, the event took place at the Fire Dance Complex Academy in Cali. The competition had a significant number of competitors who made the event a spectacle.  The All Dance event is […]

CCB student is accepted into Harvard University

-English-  Mariana Ramírez Cabal, a current student of the Colegio Colombo Británico and Head Girl of her class, was chosen to study at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She told us about the whole process of applying to this very prestigious university. The process of working to achieve this goal took several years, and for […]

Our dream is to make it to the Olympics.

-English- On Friday, March 25th until Saturday, March 26th , Lucia and Renata Holguin from the Elite Swimming Team of Club Campestre de Cali, traveled to Bucaramanga to participate in the tournament of Club Campestre de Bucaramanga, both were awarded in the interchange of swimming. Lucia won first place in each category, while Renata received […]

Southern Language Festival

-English- From Tuesday, March 29th until Thursday, March 31st, five 7th grade students participated in the Online Southern Language Festival Competition. The competition was held by the P.E. institution. The event included activities in which the 4 skills were involved. (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speech) They had to use them to answer the questions assigned […]

Wonderful  gymnastics performance at Superliga 

-English- On Friday, april 22nd the Gymnastics Super League Championship took place at the Coliseo del Pueblo. The event was attended by 165 athletes from different institutions and clubs in Cali. In which 42 students are part of the CCB (Primary and Secondary) who were called to participate in the tournament. CCB students put on […]

Great participation @ Asobilca’s MUN

-English-  On the 6th, 7th and 8th of April, 35 students from Colegio Colombo Británico participated in the Asobilca’s MUN. The event took place at the Icesi University, which had a capacity of 220 students who are members of Asobilca, the Association of Bilingual Schools of Cali. This year, the management and organization of the […]