New Head of Security

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The Colegio Colombo Británico has a new Head of Security. His name is Camilo Andrés Trujillo Peñaranda and has 20 years of experience in public and private security. He has military experience and served until he retired as a Lieutenant. Camilo has a degree in Military Science from the Escuela Militar de Cadetes General José María Córdova and is a specialist in Security Administration from the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada in collaboration with Universidad San Buenaventura. 

He has worked in different organizations such as Fortox Security Group S.A., Clínica Farallones, Clínica Lungavita, Centro Médico de Especialistas Farallones, among others. Now, he has a new chapter to write on his resumé as Head of Security at Colegio Colombo Británico. An exciting moment in his professional career. 

“Since the opening came out I found the educational environment in which I was going to work very interesting. And I was very sure that if chosen, I was going to work in a very renowned institution. I wanted to be the Head of Security at this School”., told Camilo about his emotions during the application process. 

When Camilo Andrés Trujillo Peñaranda broke the news to his wife about being the new Head of Security at CCB, she was delighted. 

“I feel very proud at this moment. I have a sense of gratitude at the family level. My wife is very proud that I now belong to this school. My parents and siblings as well.”, said Camilo. 

He’s on his second day on the job, taking the magnitude and magnificence of the School in. 

“I have received a warm and friendly welcome from all the staff. I have found the campus very beautiful. To see the students enjoying themselves has been wonderful. It is important for me to know that I am part of this family, of this Community.”

We are happy to have you here, Camilo, and wish you the best in your labours!

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