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    Prepare minds & hearts to face the challenges of the future

CCB at a Glance

Universities our students apply to

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During the school year, we promote different student exchange programs, summer camps and other activities with international schools and universities.

Our CCB Arts program ensures that our students have a way of expressing and sharing their feelings and emotions.

International Counseling

We help our students forge a safe path towards higher education, helping them make the best decision.

IB World School

The continuum of the IB encourages students in academic & personal growth as citizens of the world

Sports & Extracurriculars

We have activities that help our students build skills on a campus with excellent sports facilities.

We put technological learning tools in our student's hands so that they can find creative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.

During 2013-14 the CCB community came up with a list of strategic imperatives that define the goals towards the future of the School.

Recent News

Institutional Video

The Colegio Colombo Británico is a feeling that beats within the hearts of our community and is present in each and every one of our students, parents, teachers, alumni, directors and staff. Read more...

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